Fully autonomous vehicle fleets are already running on private industrial properties.  In particular in Open pit mining in Western Australia.

We are specifically involved with autonomous off road ultra-class rigid dump trucks in open pit mining.  We have a need of exchanging digital maps between the TMS (Traffic Management System) and the FMS (Fleet Management System) so we can deliver a safe and efficient AHS (Autonomous Haulage System).  Both systems need to share part of their digital representation of the world so the FMS can dispatch trucks and the TMS can safely drive the trucks following the requested routing and execute the final task.

We need to do that without affecting the safety of the TMS and without exposing all the "ugliness" of the Full digital representation of either the TMS or FMS.  This would be especially difficult because all different brands have different object modelling of the digital world specific to their implementation of TMS or FMS.

This project wants to stay as open as possible and leverage all the tools, services and data already available from open efforst such as OSM - Open Street Map.

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